My technique reveals my interest in the notion of the passing of time which is sometimes accessory in the process of realization. Life and death, confrontation and symbiosis, this duel of the artist is always present in my work. The notion of marked, structured time becomes useless. In my work, I like to feel this organized chaos, this constant struggle between two clashing poles. I therefore become the architect, the destroyer and the archaeologist of my subjects, which allows me to perceive deep within me what seems to be a memory that I know little of and which does not belong to me.

The symbolic expression that I seek to express, is initially determined to intervene on the aesthetic aspect of my work. Themes like the outside of the inside of the being and the timeless notion, commands a meticulous technique of calculated management of the writing of the subject until the end. The use of the photo as material becomes subject to deconstruct, to reproduce, to erase according to the evolution of the work. It is also the witness of a passenger whom I respect in his inner integrity, but whom I revive in another dimension, an image sometimes coming from the past, but sometimes from the present where the expression and the gestures add to the dialogue.

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